The CREAM of the Crop: MILKCRAFT

The CREAM of the Crop: MILKCRAFT

Milkcraft isn’t your average ice cream shop.  With over 22 thousand followers on Instagram, fancy, hip furniture, dope music playing, fire pits, and an average wait time equivalent to your favorite amusement park’s roller coaster, you have Milkcraft.

The experience at Milkcraft is one where few (if any) ice cream shops can deliver.  Depending on what time you go, you are first greeted with this extraordinary line that flows out the door and continues down the sidewalk. The line continues to grow by the second, which only amplifies your anticipation and excitement for trying “Connecticut’s most Instagrammable ice cream” (It’s true.  I think I counted 20 people taking photos of their ice cream when in line). The decor inside is constructed beautifully.  It looks and feels like a cool, upscale, vibrant cafe that you would meet your friends at in a small villa in Italy, and their spectacular  chalkboard mural wall is an amazing backdrop for any foodie’s social media post.


Milkcraft is every ice cream lover’s dream; or any foodie’s dream let’s be honest. Their ice cream is farm to table, free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, eggs, and gluten..CHECK! Their ice cream frozen scoop by scoop with food grade Liquid Nitrogen, which creates smaller ice crystals thus resulting in the smoothest possible ice cream you can imagine.  All of their ice cream comes from local farmers; and they state that the cream is delivered from cow to your cone in just 15 days! They then take that fresh, delicious ice cream and stick it into a large, fluffy, caramelized Hong Kong style waffle. The result is this EPIC concoction that is bigger than most people’s heads! (Not exaggerated, look at the pictures.) But wait, it gets even better.


Milkcraft has a TON of flavors.  Each flavor you choose will bring you an entirely different bubblecone experience, like blue ice cream with Speculoos cookies for their Cookie Butter Blue flavor, or Applewood smoked bacon (yes BACON!) and Vermont maple syrup on their Miss Piggie Does Vermont flavor. Other flavors include Strawberry Balsamic, Milk and Cereal, Vietnamese Coffee, PB&J, Bourbon Breakfast, Choco Du Leche, Sea Salted Caramel, Strawberry Sorbet, as well as your ice cream favorites Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.


I decided to go with a flavor that is as classic as the movie I will quote later in this sentence, the Smores Campfire.  (“Smore? How can I have some more of nothing?”).  Bonus points if you know where that movie is from. Slap yourself if you don’t. Just kidding.  Back to the ice cream.  The Smores Campfire is made with deep cocoa chocolate, and is topped with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce, and you guessed it, a giant fire roasted marshmallow. I got one softball sized scoop, which for me, was more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but if you’re feeling like you want to live life on the wild side, you can get up to three possible scoops.

There are currently two locations of Milkcraft in Fairfield and West Hartford, Connecticut. Follow them on IG - @milkcraftct and go get your ice cream on!!!

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